Auto Racing Safety Gear

While the essence of auto racing is speeding dangerously, recklessness need not be an element of the sport. You need to finish the race in one piece so that you can enjoy the thrill of the race another day. However, in as much as you may drive as carefully as you can on the track, accidents in high speed driving are almost inevitable. As such, there are racing rules and regulations in place, which together with the safety features built into racing vehicles, are supposed to reduce accidents or save the driver’s life in case an accident occurs. In spite of all these measures, you need to take extra precaution to increase your chances of survival in the event of an accident. This means investing in auto racing safety gear.

Best Auto Racing Safety Gear

Racing safety gear saves lives, so before you jump into your race car, here are some basic auto racing safety equipment you should make sure you have.


Safety starts with the helmet. Most drivers who race for fun do not see the importance of a helmet but be smarter than the average street racer. There are different types of helmets from which you can choose. First, you need to choose a helmet that fits. Next, you need to consider the four main features. These are; Ventilation, Internal lining, field of vision and face shield material. Different racing classes require different helmet specifications.

2.Pro sport suit

You also need to have your arms, legs and torso covered. The level of protection depends on the activity in which you are participating. For example, you can wear parts of the suit when racing for fun but professional racers are required to be wearing full fire suits, which have a layer of flame resistant material. Just like the helmet, the suit should fit perfectly over your regular clothes if it is to offer you proper protection. You should also consider investing in the best suit material.

3.Safety harness

An SFI- certified safety harness is the best option for installing in your race car. You can choose a 4-point, 5-point, 6-point or a 7-point racing harness and install it as a bolt-in or wraparound harness.

4.Hans device

This head and neck restraint protects you from neck injuries in the event of a crash by keeping your head aligned to your torso. Crashing while at high speeds causes whiplash and may even break your neck due to inertia. Having a quality Hans is therefore an important addition to your racing safety gear.

5.Fire extinguishing system

Race cars often crash and burn so it is crucial to have a proper, functional fire extinguishing system. You will need a premium EPA approved fire extinguisher that can put out any type of fire. Household extinguishers are not recommendable since they leave a mess in the car.

6.Race shoes and gloves

Your hands and feet should also be protected along with the rest of your body. You need to include fire resistant shoes and gloves in your safety gear. In addition to protecting you from fire, race shoes and gloves also improve your grip while driving.

Auto racing is a high-risk sport and having the proper auto racing safety gear can make the difference between life and death. If you want to enjoy this thrilling sport for as long as possible, observe safety.

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