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3 Exciting Announcements In Racing News

We love racing, and what makes racing awesome are the cars and technology. That is just my opinion of course, but there are a few new cars to look out for that I think you will love.

Mecedes AMG Race Car
Image Credit Via Mike Burdy

Car #1 The Mercedes GT C Roadster

In a recent article on They talk about the level of commitment and intent Mercedes has on this project. This is likely to rival other supercar superstars like the Bugatti Veyron.

Snippet From AutoBlog

Mercedes-Benz is using the Paris Motor Show to highlight its AMG performance arm, and now we know that its plans go even beyond its GT supercars, including the GT R and freshly-debuted GT C Roadster. At a pre-show press conference, AMG dropped the bombshell that it will enter the most extreme segment in the auto industry, by building a hypercar, and we have exclusive details on how much the car will cost, and when we can expect it.

First off, this is really the closest thing in the world to a road-going F1 car, much like the upcoming Aston Martin AM-RB 001. It will have a 1.6-liter turbo engine, rear-wheel-drive, and a fast-discharge electric hybrid system like the racer. Expect similar power to the Mercedes racecar, around 1000 hp.

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Jaguar F-Type
Image Credit Via Mike Burdy

Car #2 – The Jaguar F-Type Project 7

Car and Driver just did a write about this interesting new project that Jaguar is very proud of. This is a nice throwback to the Jaguar E-type and D-type cars that have been so well documented through racing car history. Here a small snippet of what to expect from Jaguar!

Snippet from Car & Driver

Does a topless F-type with a shark-fin fairing and white roundels over British Racing Green paint make pretty mental pictures for you of the Le Mans pit clock and Mike Hawthorn sawing at the wheel of his 1956 D-type? If so, then perhaps the $175,995 price on this particular Project 7 seems worth it, representing as it does a startling $110,000 premium over a base F-type coupe. (Standard color choices are white or an Ecurie Ecosse–like blue for fans who know their history from 60 years ago, while the factory team BRG paint on this car added $10,000 to the bottom line.)

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Ferrari Steering Wheel
Image Credit via Ali Nagi

Car #3 – The Ferrari 70 Year Anniversary Cars

Everyone loves Ferrari and their racing pedigree is known throughout the world. Next year is the 70th year that Ferrari has been leaving its trademark on the industry. Because of the achievements and international attention that Ferrari has accumulated they have decided to make 350 1 off releases of their current line up!

Snippet From MotorTrend

Ferrari marks its 70th anniversary next year, and to celebrate, Maranello is releasing a slew of special one-off cars that pay homage to famous Ferraris of the past. The company has selected 70 different color and trim schemes from the past 70 years, from those used on racing cars to those chosen by famous owners like Steve McQueen, and reworked them for its current lineup. One of each color and trim scheme will be applied to one of each of Ferrari’s five cars. That’s a total of 350 unique cars. And, says Ferrari, they’re all sold.

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These 3 different aspects of racing history and performance have our full attention, and we will provide updates as we see them.